Canon 50mm f/1.4 EF USM lens $100

ImageGet some really low depth of field.


Boxing in Phnom Penh














Angkor Wat in Lomo

I’ve not blogged much for a while since my move to Cambodia. So it’s about time I uploaded some pics straight to you from the kingdom of wonder.

First up some Analogue stuff. When it’s hot I just do not feel like lugging around a massive SLR sometimes. So I just put my Diana Mini lomo camera and a couple of films in my bag. It’s a little experimental but it can lead to some really interesting shots. Is it better than those nice easy lomo apps on the iphone? You decide. I don’t have an iphone!


More A-Z Project Artists

Yet more artists who’ve been kind enough to pose for Action Aid’s A-Z of London Singer/Songwriters portrait project. 

Plans are now under way to set up the exhibition and gig of the final selection. Watch this space for more details.

Emmy The Great: in her living room

myspace                            website

Bobby Long: in Hackney



Polly Scattergood: at 12 Bar


Katie V: at Zigfrid Von Underbelly


book: In This Life

 A portrait series I shot for the    education charity This  Life  Cambodia (TLC) has been made into a book, with  all  proceeds going to TLC.

 The original blog post is here

 The entire series of photos, of the project’s  21 scholars,  are  on This Life Cambodia’s  website here 

 And you can get the book here – just in time for Christmas  for that extra stocking filler if  you’re  reading this post early enough.



More A-Z of London Singer/Songwriters Pics

Here’s a selection of the latest shoots I’ve done for the Action Aid A-Z of London Singer/Songwriters photo project.

Speech Debelle : at Brixton Academy

website   myspace

_IMG_1385 copy 1


Olly The Octopus: On his door step


IMG_1360 copy


Gabby Young: At Bush Hall

website   myspace   blog

IMG_1037 copy

A-Z Project Update



The Major piece of news is that the charity Action Aid have come on board, and will be the benefactors of any funds generated by the project. It was tough choosing which charity to go with, but Action Aid do some fantastic work fighting poverty worldwide. Their mission is to work with poor and excluded people throughout the world to eradicate poverty and injustice. Some of the issues Action Aid deals with are: 

– women’s rights and gender equality – education – food rights – HIV & AIDS – emergencies and conflict – democratic governance – corporate accountability – trade justice – international aid and debt.

I’m sure you’ll agree these are some really worth while causes, and it’s great that the project will now be able to contribute to the great work that Action Aid does. Take a look at their website to see their work in more detail:


In other news, Vera Bohl has an entry on her blog here about her shoot (with a horse!) which we did for the project. It includes these great ‘behind the scenes’ shots of the team hard at work. Thanks Vera!  DSC01933


A-Z of London Singer/ Songwriters

Here’s a sneaky peeky of a project I’m working on: The A-Z of London Singer/Songwriters. Yes, one for each letter of the alphabet. I’ll worry about the X and the Z when the time comes. The idea is to photograph each of the artists at a location which inspires their songwriting. Lots of great talents have agreed to sit for me so far. I’m really excited about this one. Here’s the first few shots – 23 more to come.

Tallulah Rendall : on a friend’s houseboat

website     myspace



Frank Turner : in Kingston

website     myspace

aIMG_0481_1 copy


Vera Bohl : at Ross Nye Stables


__IMG_0788 copya

Summer Sundae Festival

Sadly it was the only festival I made it to this year. But it was in my home town of Leicester, so at least I got to sleep in a nice bed each night instead of in a tent. My brother was gutted that The Streets pulled out – the bass player had Swine Flu apparently. Oink.  

Jeremy Warmsley 

Soon to be part of my up-coming photo project on London singer/songwriters. Also, he’s using this as his profile pic on his myspace page. 

D 103339-03

Frank Turner

Also set to be in my new project. I’m shooting him this Thursday before his gig at McCLusky’s in Kingston.

D 103343-01


beatbox king!

D 103323-06

Emmy The Great

Yes she really is Great – I’m hoping to get her on-board  for my London musicians project too. 

D 103340-04


D 103348-02

Bombay Bicycle Club

My new favorite band.

D 103322-08

Mr Hudson

D 103317-03



More Travel Shots

It’s been over a month since I’ve been back from my extended trip, and there are very few travel shots up on the blog to show for it. Yesterday I went through some of my edits to pick out some images to enter into travel photography competitions. Here’s a (tiny) selection.

A butterfly (or is it a moth?)… somewhere in China.

2_china copy

A rainy view over the river in Fenghuang, China.

2_china (42) copy

Doing the school run Cambodia style – look where you’re going guys!!!

5_cambodia (64) copy

The long not winding road – to Longreach, Queensland, Australia.

8_australia (2) copy

That tree must really block their view – New Zealand.

9_nz (82) copy

Lakshmi the elephant gets her morning wash in the river along with everyone else in Hampi, India.

IMG_5132 copy 1

Mothers Day celebrations in Guatemala.

guat (3) copy