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Hello. So if I’m starting a photo-blog I’d better upload some pictures. I’m not sure how frequent I’ll post or what I’ll include – but here’s a start:  

08/03/2008 Tibetan Singing Nuns. It was a privilege to photograph them. Here’s a link to the picture used by the BBC’s website for Radio 4’s Women’s Hour: 


The women along with ten other nuns imprisoned with them (the ‘Drapchi 14’) are known as the ‘singing nuns’ for their courage in recording banned songs about the Dalai Lama from their prison cells. The four (L to R: Gyaltsen Drolkar, Phuntsog Nyidron, Ngawang Sangdrol, Namdrol Lhamo) were all tortured and imprisoned for many years in Chinese-occupied Tibet. They were reunited in freedom for the first time since leaving prison in Tibet.


18/07/2008 Duffy at Somerset House in London, as part of the Summer Series.

Here’s a usage of it in the Independent. Sorry it’s a lo-res scan I know. I don’t know why the idiots cropped out her mic – it really makes the picture.



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