Summer Sundae Festival

Sadly it was the only festival I made it to this year. But it was in my home town of Leicester, so at least I got to sleep in a nice bed each night instead of in a tent. My brother was gutted that The Streets pulled out – the bass player had Swine Flu apparently. Oink.  

Jeremy Warmsley 

Soon to be part of my up-coming photo project on London singer/songwriters. Also, he’s using this as his profile pic on his myspace page. 

D 103339-03

Frank Turner

Also set to be in my new project. I’m shooting him this Thursday before his gig at McCLusky’s in Kingston.

D 103343-01


beatbox king!

D 103323-06

Emmy The Great

Yes she really is Great – I’m hoping to get her on-board  for my London musicians project too. 

D 103340-04


D 103348-02

Bombay Bicycle Club

My new favorite band.

D 103322-08

Mr Hudson

D 103317-03




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