This is Stuart, who’s just started out as a model. Not that you’d know he was new to the game – on the day he was a real pro. Even stepping into the freezing cold sea was no big deal.

WD 1741-13


WD 1741-90

WD 1741-122


Sydney Warehouse Party

The guys at asked me to cover their party sponsored by Peter Stuyvesant cigarettes and 42 Below vodka. What a great time – I think the pictures say it all!








Cardboard Hero

Sydney band Cardboard Hero contacted me to do some promo shots. I’d covered a party in a really funky warehouse type building the week before, so we all met there and had a real laugh taking some shots. Great bunch of guys!

Have a look at their myspace: – hopefully there’ll be some of these pics up there too.

img_90121  img_8998 

img_8989  img_89771




This Life Cambodia – charity work

During my time in Cambodia I took some portraits of families involved with the charity This Life Cambodia. Each year TLC helps youngsters into education who would not otherwise be able to afford it. Yes, education in Cambodia is free, but it is a highly corrupt system, and every family pays the price. 

Currently TLC sponsors 21 local disadvantaged children of Krobi Real Commune, Puok District, and the surrounding villages.

Obviously the more donations the more children they can help. Here’s their web site – please take a look.

Visiting these remote families by motorbike has been one of the highlights of my travels. I could really tell how proud the parents were of the children, and how much work the youngsters put into their studies.

I am proud to have been able to document the work TLC is doing.







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Turning Japanese I really think so

Some general shots I took in Japan – enjoy.
















Harajuku Bands

I loved taking a Sunday stroll along the park in Harajuku (Tokyo). There’s a different band playing every 30 feet or so on the street. Sometimes the sounds clashed, but that didn’t matter because they were all so crazy – it was hard to know which ones to stay and watch.






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Tokyo Fish Market

I’m currently on a trip taking in a few countries in South East Asia – Japan being the first stop. Here are some shots from the Tokyo Fish Market. I had to get up at 5.30 to see it at its peak – but it was well worth it. I was also glad I took my 50mm f1.8 lens for some great detail shots of the catches of the day.



















Ladyhawke at Pure Groove Records

A friend of mine at AFP (that’s Agence France-Presse) had done an interview with Ladyhawke and asked me to go along to her instore gig at the (super-cool ultra-trendy records displayed on science experiment kit) Pure Groove Record Shop in Farringdon. She played great and was really genuine with the crowd. Luckily I had the chance to get some posed shots too for the article. I’d had a look around the area to line up some funky backgrounds, but when it came to it she had literally 2 minutes so we nipped to the nearest doorway and used that instead. Shame about the flash bounce – stupid gloss paint! She has a new self-titled album out which I can REALLY recomend – especially the track ‘Paris Is Burning’.

Here’s some links to the AFP interview – I don’t know for how long they’ll stay live, so sorry if these links are dead.


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Wallpaper Magazine Guest Designers Edition launch party.

A photographer I met through Camera Press where I work asked me to Photograph arrivals at the Launch Party for a Wallpaper Mag special edition. I was in the busy foyer of Centre Point for ages – then I decided to get the lift up to the 32nd floor for some cocktails and to photograph some of the the party goin’ ooown. And just my luck Tracey Emin and Jamelia turned up (not together) as I was on my way back down. I went back upstairs but couldn’t find them. Dammit. It was a good night though – here’s some pics:




Dylan Blogs

Hello. So if I’m starting a photo-blog I’d better upload some pictures. I’m not sure how frequent I’ll post or what I’ll include – but here’s a start:  

08/03/2008 Tibetan Singing Nuns. It was a privilege to photograph them. Here’s a link to the picture used by the BBC’s website for Radio 4’s Women’s Hour:

The women along with ten other nuns imprisoned with them (the ‘Drapchi 14’) are known as the ‘singing nuns’ for their courage in recording banned songs about the Dalai Lama from their prison cells. The four (L to R: Gyaltsen Drolkar, Phuntsog Nyidron, Ngawang Sangdrol, Namdrol Lhamo) were all tortured and imprisoned for many years in Chinese-occupied Tibet. They were reunited in freedom for the first time since leaving prison in Tibet.


18/07/2008 Duffy at Somerset House in London, as part of the Summer Series.

Here’s a usage of it in the Independent. Sorry it’s a lo-res scan I know. I don’t know why the idiots cropped out her mic – it really makes the picture.